Your Hatena ID and linked external application information is retained when using the external application linking function on various Hatena services. This information is referred to as "Linked Information". This information is basically shared as public information, and used by various Hatena services.

Please follow the instructions in regards to linking external applications with your account for each individual service. Make adjustments so the linking function does not infringe upon your privacy and can be used safely. Details of the adjustments that can be made are explained here.

Details about how information is handled with Hatena accounts and linked external applications

Hatena offers ways to link information from our services with external applications.

Linking of Hatena accounts and external application accounts is provided for the purpose of reading and writing new information entries on each of these services.

When you link your Hatena ID with an external application they are then connected together. Specifically, Hatena user A and external application user A are assumed to be the same person (known as "Linked Information") and this may be stored on Hatena's servers.

Please see below for information about our policies for handling of linked information.

  • Hatena basically handles information that is linked with external applications as public information.
    • However, this information is not actively displayed to third parties. For example, My Hatena profile information that is linked is not displayed anywhere other than on linked services.
    • Your information may also be shared internally with other Hatena services.
      • (i)If other Hatena services offer linking to external applications, your settings from other services may be used.
      • (ii)Specific Hatena services may be recommended to your followers and other users on your linked external applications.

Please pay particular attention to (ii) in the above text. If you enable and use the linking function, it is possible that your information may be indirectly revealed to to others. Hatena is not able to warranty the privacy protection of information linked to external applications, so it is clearly stated that "Hatena handles this information as public information".

The external application settings on your My Hatena page, and the free entry profile field can still be used as before.

There are external application settings under the heading "Account/Email settings" on your My Hatena page which can be used to display your profile to friends and other third parties on external applications. The linking of these settings must be made by you, and are not related to the implementations of external application linking described on this page.