Hatena Star Help

Here you can learn about the functions and management of the Hatena Star. Those of you who want to use Hatena Star for the first time should visit Hatena Star Beginner's Guide.


When you place your cursor over a Star, the Username and profile image of the person who added the Star are displayed. Click on the star to visit the user page of the person who added the star.

If there are more than 15 stars, a number showing how many stars have been added will be displayed between the first and last star. Click on the number to see all of the stars that have been added.

Adding Stars

If there is an Add Star button next to the entry, you can add a Star by clicking on it even if it is not a Hatena site. To add a Star, you must first be logged into Hatena, and then you can click on the Add Star button. A Star will be displayed immediately after you click on the button. You can add as many Stars as you like, but you cannot delete a Star once it has been added.

If you are not logged into Hatena and you click on the Add Star button, a window will pop up asking you to log in. You can log in by clicking on Log into Hatena Star. If you are a registered User, you can log in with your Username and Password. If you have not registered yet, you must register before you can add Stars.

Quote passages that you like

Quote passages that you likeTo add a Star, you must first be logged in. Then add a Star by clicking on the Add Button.

If you see a passage that you really like, or want to repeat a specific line, you can select it and add a Star just to that passage. By doing this, you can let the author know your favorite part of their entry. Use your mouse to highlight the passage you want to quote, and then click on the Add Button.

When you roll the cursor over a Star added to a page, the quoted passage will display along with the person’s Username and profile image, letting you know who liked which parts of the entry on that page. Passages that you have quoted will also be displayed on your own Star History page (http://s.hatena.com/username/stars) and you can have a second look at them at any time.

You can only quote up to 200 characters. If you select more than 200 characters, only the first 200 characters will be quoted. Also, you cannot add into the quote other texts that were not included in the original entry.

Remove the star you added

You can remove stars that you have added to entries by mistake. Color stars can be removed in the same way as regular Hatena stars. (After March 30, 2012 color stars that are removed from entries can no longer be reused. For more information please see the announcement.)

To delete a star, place your cursor on the star you added. After 5 seconds a message will appear asking if you wish to delete the star. To delete the star, click on OK.


Once you add a Star to an entry, the author of that blog or diary will be listed as one of your Favorites for one month on your Favorites Page (http://s.hatena.com/your Username/favorites). Your Favorites Page will have the profile image and Username of each of your Favorites, and their latest starred entries. The Favorite Page can be viewed by anyone, so you can look at anyone's Favorites Page.

Once you add  to SAMPLE's blog, he is added to your Favorites.

Favorites status is effective for one month. Each time you add a Star to a Favorite, a new one-month period begins. Favorites status expires one month after the last added Star, but as soon as you add a Star, the person becomes one of your Favorites again for the duration of one month.

Your Favorites can leave you Star Comments, and read Star Comments other people left for you. To learn more about Star Comments, please read about it below.


A Favorite is a person whose entry you have added a Star to, so it is a one-sided selection. But if one of your Favorites designates you as a Favorite, making it a mutual selection, you become Friends. Friends are listed separately in the Friends section on the right side of your Hatena Star User Page, and others will know who you are friends with.

Because you can be Friends only when you are mutual Favorites, if your Favorites status expires one month after your last added Star, you can no longer be Friends. But as soon as you add a Star and renew the Favorites Status, you will automatically be restored to Friends.

Star Comments

"Star Comments" is a function available only to your Favorites. Star Comments can only be left and viewed by your Favorites, so you can have a private conversation even if you have a blog that is open to the public.

To view a comment, just click on the comment "Comment" button, and a small window will pop up. If you have received a comment, the profile image of the person who left you the comment will be displayed along with the comment. Place your curser over the image to display the person's Username.

Writing a Comment

You can write Star Comments when you are in your own blog, or in the blog of a person who has designated you as a Favorite. When you leave a Star Comment, the author of the blog can view it as well as any of the author's other Favorites.

To write a comment, just click on the comment "Comment" button, write your comment, and press Enter. Once you have sent a comment, you cannot delete it.

Hatena Message notifications

Every time someone leaves a comment on your blog, a notification will be sent to Hatena Message. You are not able to send each other comments in this way. This is just a notification that lets you know that someone has left you a Star Comment. In the future, Hatena Message will also notify you every time your Username is entered, or when there is any other activity related to you.

Currently, notifications are sent to Hatena Message for the following three occasions:

  1. When someone leaves a Star Comment on your blog entry.
  2. When you leave a Star Comment on someone's blog entry.
  3. When someone leaves a new comment for a blog entry that you have commented.

Star ReportYou will also receive a Star Report each day that you receive a Star on your blog. A Star Report will be sent to your Hatena Message informing you of the total number of Stars you have received. The report tells you who left how many Stars for which one of your entries, and if anyone has quoted a passage from any of your entries, they will be listed as well.

Notifications from Hatena Star will have [Hatena::S] in the subject line. If you have selected the option to forward Hatena Message notifications to your e-mail address, those messages will also have [Hatena::S] in the subject line so you can automatically distinguish them from other messages.

User Page

When you are logged in, you can go to your User Page (http://s.hatena.com/your Username) by clicking on your Username next to the Welcome in the top right of the Hatena Star page.

Your User Page includes lists of your Favorites, Friends, Blogs, and your entries that have recently received Stars. This page can be viewed by anyone. However Hatena Diary and Hatena Group sections that have the lock icon are set to private mode and can be accessed only by those who have been authorized to view those pages.

The big Favorites column on the left side of the page lists all of your Favorites' entries that have recently received Stars in order of the date that they received the Stars. This section lists all of your favorites' entries that receive Stars ? not only the entries that you added Stars to. Entries are listed here when they receive Stars regardless of when the entry was originally written. This feature lets you discover interesting entries that you may have missed, or you can see what topics are being talked about, making it like a RSS or an antenna. Use it like a bookmark or even a subscription tool. Please note that Hatena Diary and Hatena Group entries that are set to private mode will not be displayed in this list even if you are authorized to view them.

In addition to Favorites, your User Page includes Blogs and Stars, which can be accessed by clicking on the links in the blue line at the top of the page.


This is a list of Hatena Diary, Hatena Groups, Hatena PhotoLife, and external blogs that you have installed Hatena Star on where you can add Stars. It displays the entry title, the number of Stars that entry has received, and its URL.

When you are on your Blogs page, you can register the URL of external blogs that you have installed Hatena Star on. For detailed instructions, please go to How to install Hatena Star on blogs.


This page gives you the history of all the entries you have added Stars to. The Stars section will only be displayed on your own User Page, and can only be viewed by you.

The entries that you added Stars to are listed by their date. You can also add Stars or send Star Comments from this page.

Check out the most popular entries on the Domain Page

Click on the green domain name in your Favorites or Blogs sections, and you will be linked to a Domain Page that will show you the most popular entries that have received the greatest number of Stars. The Domain Page lists entries within that domain that have recently received Stars or comments in the order of the number of Stars received.

In the case of Hatena Groups, because each group has its own domain, the most popular entries within each group are listed. You can see which entry is being talked about the most within your group.

If you are an authorized user of a Hatena Group set to private mode, you can view the most popular entries within that group (Groups, blogs, and entries set to private mode display a lock icon).

You can also check the trends within each blog service. This feature can be used in many different and fun ways.

Customizing Hatena Star images

Customizing Hatena Star imagesOrdinarily, the Hatena Star is displayed as an orange star-shaped icon (). But you can change it to anything you like. Maybe another image will match your blog better than a star. We want you to have fun with your Hatena Star.

To change an image, you must first select a new image and upload it to any location on your computer. If your blogging service allows you to upload images, you can use that.

For directions on Customizing Hatena Star images, please view Let's customize your blog some more.

Using different color images

We have created different color Add and Comment Buttons so you can select a color that you like, or one that matches your blog design.

  • Blue (Default) :
  • Black :
  • Brown :
  • Gray :
  • Green :
  • Red :
  • Purple :

When someone has left you a comment, the Comment Button becomes orange. But if the Comment Button is normally a dark color, the change might not be noticeable. So we have prepared a darker shade of orange as an option to provide greater contrast.

  • Comment Button (Default) :
  • Darker Comment Button :

Use the Hatena Star Extension function to add Stars even on websites that the Hatena Star has not been installed

Use the Hatena Star Extension function to add Stars even on websites that the Hatena Star has not been installedMozilla Firefox users can add Stars even on pages that the Hatena Star has not been set up on by installing an extension. To install the extension, go to the page listed below.

With the Hatena Star Extension, you can add Stars to any site, or select where to display the Stars by editing SiteConfigWiki. You will need some technical knowledge to edit SiteConfigWiki. But you can do it using the instructions at the top of the page.

How to add Stars to non-Hatena Diary blogs

You can install and use Hatena Star on other Java-enabled blogs. For directions on installing Hatena Star, please view How to install Hatena Star on blogs.

Some compatible blogging services

  • Movable Type
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • TypePad

(may require customization depending on the template)

Logging in and adding stars using other services

Normally, you have to log into your Hatena account to add stars. However, now you can add stars by logging into your other accounts on OAuth enabled sites. Currently on Hatena Star you can use accounts from the service providers below.

You must be logged out of your Hatena account to log in using these services. Click on the Add Star (Add) Button and a window will appear asking you to sign in. Select the service provider you wish to use, and enter your user name for that service. When you have logged in you will be automatically returned to the original page. Now you can add a star by clicking on the Add Star Add Button.

When you add a star, your name will be displayed as "username@serviceprovider" letting the author know who from which service provider added the star. Your user page will be created with the URL, "http://s.hatena.com/username@serviceprovider/" where you can see your favorites and a history of the stars you have added.


You can find information about new features which are not listed in the Help section in the Hatena Star Diary. If you have questions about how to use the service, please visit “How to use Hatena” category of Hatena Question (In Japanese).

If you cannot find a solution to your problem by using the above methods or if you have a concern which requires immediate attention please Contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.