Question about color stars

How to check the number of color stars you have

You can check how many color stars you currently have by looking at your Stars that you can use list on your My Hatena page.

Color Star Presents

If you meet any of the requirements below you can get some free green stars. The current requirements are as follows, and we plan to add more ways in the future to get free color stars for your activities on Hatena. You can see what color star presents you’ve received by checking 's Item Received History page.

Requirements Free Stars Applicable Services
When you start or continue your monthly subscription to Hatena Blog Pro 6 Green Stars
When you sign up for a Hatena ID 3 Green Stars Hatena
When you start using a new Hatena service 1 Green Star Hatena Fotolife
When you become a Hatena Citizen Bronze: 3 Green Stars
Silver: 5 Green Stars
Gold: 10 Green Stars
Platinum: 20 Green Stars + Rare Star
Hatena Fotolife