Get some colour stars! Use different colour stars to express your feelings.

What are Colour Stars?

Colour stars are a variation of Hatena stars that you can use to express your feelings about something you like. There are green, red, blue and other rare types of colour stars. You can buy a 'Colour Star Box', and depending on the type of box that you purchase you might get lucky and receive some rare stars! You can earn colour stars for your activities on Hatena's online services or purchase them.
Add colour stars to entries that you like as a gift, or just to add some colour and call attention to the things that you like.


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Hatena ID You must be registered with Hatena in order to buy colour stars.
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Important Notes:

  • Colour star purchases are non-refundable.
  • You can remove stars that you have added to entries by mistake. Color stars that are removed from entries cannot be reused.
  • When you add colour stars to another user's Flipnote or other type of entry, the other party does not receive any Hatena points and is unable to reuse the colour stars that he or she has received.
  • The colour stars that you purchase can only be used by your currently logged in Hatena account.
  • The creator or administrator of certain Hatena Diary, Hatena Group and other blog services may choose to use images other than the standard Hatena Stars on their pages. Please be advised that your colour stars will not be displayed on these types of pages.
  • If you close your account your color stars can no longer be used.